What to do in Calella de Mar

We make a small summary of the 10 best plans to do in your visit to Calella de Mar, recommended by people who live day by day in the town.

1- Beaches and coves

Our main tourist attraction are undoubtedly our beautiful beaches and coves The beaches, with a total of 3 km long and 85 meters wide, all of them with the Blue Flag, awarded by the European Foundation for Environmental Education, with golden sand and clear waters and with all the services such as public toilets, beach bars to enjoy the local cuisine, free wifi or water and recreational activities.

In Calella, you can find three beaches with different profiles, each with unique attractions and features that suit the preferences of all bathers and visitors.

Large beach

With a length of 1,500 m and a width of 72 m the Playa Grande de Calella or better known as "the town beach" is the busiest and most atmospheric beach in Calella, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and spacious of the region.

Located next to the Paseo Manuel Puigvert and in the heart of the city, it is one of the city's nerve centers for cultural and recreational events, not to mention the wide range of activities on offer in summer.

It has services such as elegant xiringuitos It is also adapted for people with disabilities with amphibious chairs and as a curiosity the Calella City Council and its commitment to sustainability. It is also adapted for people with disabilities with amphibious chairs and as a curiosity the Ajuntament de Calella and its commitment to sustainability. banned smoking in its entirety, except in areas designated as beach bars.

In 2022, by popular demand, the town opened a new DOG BEACH where our furry friends can enjoy a good swim in this beach, is a delimited area where they can stay loose and enjoy the sand and water at their leisure.

Before you come you can check the capacity of the beaches of Calella at any time of the day through the application platgescat.

Playa Garbí

This beach is a continuation of the Playa Grande beach in Calella de MarIt has the services and infrastructures of the neighboring beach, but it is somewhat quieter and more recommendable. It is 752 meters long and 79 meters wide.

In 2014 gué awarded with the "Q" for tourist quality and consecutively since 1994 with the Blue Flag of the Beaches of Europe also has all the serivicios of the big beach as showers, access ramps for disabled people, lifeguards or areas of soccer or beach volleyball.

If you are a lover of water sports, you cannot miss the summer activities offered by the Water Sports Centreincluding the exciting Water Games floating park. In addition, this beach is perfect to enjoy with small children.

Playa de las Rocas

Our favorite beaches and our special treasure are our small coves, a total of four coves with an impressive and beautiful natural landscape in a privileged environment in front of the lighthouse and where rocks mix with crystal clear water and cliffs with pine trees.

Cala Rocapins

A la cala Rocapins is accessed through other small coves as long as the sea permits, by a bridge that crosses the national II with a good parking or in the same national a few small stairs that lead to a good restaurant that gives its name to the cove and where you can enjoy a paella in a magical setting.

You have small services such as showers and a large climbing wall that delights all lovers of this routine in a privileged place.

Cala d´en Pere y Cala de la Vinyeta

The next cove in the direction of Sant pol de mar is the Cala d’en Pere and the Vinyeta nudist cove virgin coves without any type of service or infrastructure, with access through stairs with entrance from the national road II. Coves of crystalline water and dedicated to the anaturist principles that you will be able to enjoy a nice day at the beach.

Cala Roca Grossa

And the last cove and bordering with Sant Pol de Mar we find the cove la Roca Grossa and we personally think it is the best cove of all.

A beautiful cove with a majestic entrance through a staircase and with a great Rock dividing the cove in two according to the desire of the sea, it has a xiringuito and although the menu is not very extensive, the sandwiches are recommended.

At the top we have a small parking lot that is immediately full and a great viewpoint where we can contemplate spectacular views and immortalize these great moments with our cameras.

Measures have been taken to preserve the habitat of the shag and to this end, the prohibition of any recreational fishing activity has been established and the access of pets to the beach of les Roques has been restricted, with the exception of guide dogs.

2- The lighthouse

Right in the Km 666 of National Highway II we have one of our most precious treasures and a symbol of all the inhabitants of the region. Calella de mar our lighthouse . 

A más de 50 metros de altura y lleva guiando a barcos y pescadores de la zona desde 1859 , año en el cual se comenzó la construcción sobre una antigua torre de vigilancia y defensa construida para defender las costas de los Algerian pirates.

The lighthouse of Calella is a magical place and a perfect viewpoint with privileged views of our coast and a perfect place for photography lovers.

The Calella Lighthouse is open most of the year on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and in summer extends its hours from Tuesday to Sunday afternoons. In addition, if you want to know more about lighthouses and their importance for seafarers, the Calella Lighthouse Interpretation Center is an excellent option to learn secrets about optical communication and the history of lighthouses. The contents are explained through audiovisuals available in Catalan, Spanish and English, and there are also interactive games to make the visit very enjoyable and entertaining.

How to reach the Calella Lighthouse? It can be reached on foot from the center of the town in a walk of just 30 minutes along the promenade that runs along the coast. To get there by car, the easiest way is to leave Calella on the N-II towards Canet de Mar and, after just over a kilometer, park in the vicinity of the lighthouse.

Les Torretes

From the lighthouse itself you have access to another of the key points that define the skyline of Calella de mar, they are Les Torretes .

Optical telegraphy turrets in Calella de Mar were two towers, one military and one civilian, located on the hill of La Patona. The civilian tower, known as the "Estación de la Patona", was built in 1857 and was part of the line that ran from Montjuic to La Jonquera. The optical telegraph was used to ensure fast communications and contribute both to consolidate the new liberal state in the Catalan territory and to maintain public order. However, its use was brief due to the arrival of the railroad and the electric telegraph, which guaranteed a safer and faster operation. The towers ceased to operate in 1862.

3- Calle Iglesia

And after a day at the beach there is a nice walk along the church street, with 2km long is our pedestrian street well known for its commercial activity and entertainment and that crosses the city center to the border with our neighboring town Pineda de Mar,

Here you can find all kinds of small stores and large clothing chains, bars where you can enjoy a lively terrace, or restaurants that offer the best of local cuisine.

4- Paseo de Manuel Puigvert

Quiet and harmonious, the promenade runs parallel to the beach facing the sea, with elegance, through the modernist railing of Jeroni Martorell, here approach couples who want to take a romantic and quiet walk at sunset, families with children looking for outdoor fun on summer evenings, fans of cultural meetings ... Manuel Puigvert promenade is the favorite place for locals and visitors, throughout the year.

For the more curious, every Sunday morning the promenade becomes a meeting point for all lovers of antiques and collectibles.there is also music, sardanas and rock and roll meetings in charge of the Screamin´ festival and its annual gathering of American cars and the open-air summer evenings take the form of verbenas, celebrations and concerts of habaneras that give this place a special atmosphere in the moonlight and by the sea.

At the end of September, the Manuel Puigvert promenade becomes the privileged setting for the Fair of Calella and Alt Maresme, the great cultural and commercial event of the region. And with the same dynamic spirit, the Ironman Barcelona takes its turn to fill the promenade with triathletes from all over the world.

A perfect place to stroll outdoors with magnificent views of the sea where you can stop to enjoy some of its terraces, we recommend the gabía in the morning to enjoy the sun or any of the beach bars where you can eat a good rice.

5- Water sports and boat excursions

To enjoy the beach to the fullest Calella de mar and to experience new sensations Water Sports Centro is the ideal place to enjoy a wide variety of water sports and discover new emotions in the water. 

On the large beach just in front of the train station you will find a wide variety of water sports for all ages and experience levels, perfect to enjoy with friends and family.

They have a wide variety of boats, from jet skis, monecasco to catamarans or windsurfing and paddle surfing equipment. 

There are also sailing courses and rentals for those who wish to perfect their activities. Do not miss the fun Banana in a group, a good view with parasailing or the exciting adventure of the Jetski !

Do you want to discover the Costa Brava in a different way? Another activity that we recommend is the boat excursion from Calella de mar and with final destination Tossa de mar ,declared a National Historic and Artistic Monument for its medieval town. 

A unique experience enjoying the breathtaking views of the most beautiful beaches and coves of the island. Costa brava with the possibility of stopping in some of them and spend the day sunbathing, stopping at Blanes and see its botanical gardens or Lloret de mar with its wide range of activities and entertainment for all types of tourists.

You can buy tickets at the 2 booths set up for sale, one, down the Rierany dels Frares, the division between Calella de Mar and Pineda de Mar, and the other in front of the Hotel Montrosa or through its website where you can see offers and schedules. Dolfi Jet boats

6- Hiking in natural landscapes

Not everything in Calella is sea and beach, and thanks to the shelter of the mountains of the Montnegre Natural Park Corridor we have a microclimate that makes us have milder temperatures thanks to the shelter of these mountains. You have several marked routes from beginner to intermediate level to enjoy a pleasant route, breathe fresh air and discover the flora and fauna of the place.

The Guilla Route has a medium difficulty and a length of 10 km, with a duration of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, The Guilles Mountains is a biological corridor that connects the forest stands of the Montnegre Natural Park Corridor towards the sea. In addition, the route is well signposted all along the way, in yellow, so you won't get lost at any time.

Another good route is the ruta de l’EsquirolWith a low difficulty of about 3 km, to access the route, you can leave the wooden bridge and climb up the side of the Riera Capaspre to the Plaza España and follow the signs of the route in red. Here you can find date palms, plane trees and stone pines, as well as squirrels and chickadees.

Y la última ruta que os recomendamos y por el nombre sabreis que pasamos por la costa es la Corb Marí Route We will find its indications in the wooden bridge of the Riera Capaspre of blue color, and has a duration of 3 km and has a medium-low difficulty. We will go through the promenade of the Rocks to climb to the Torretes , passing by the lighthouse and enjoying the wonderful sea views offered by this route.

7- Parque Dalmau

The Parc Dalmau is the lung of Calella de mar a large green space in the city with more than ten hectares designed by the municipal architect Jeroni Martorell in 1929. The park has paths, trails, geometric gardens, avenues and porches that create special corners, as well as a botanical itinerary that allows visitors to observe the diversity of Mediterranean vegetation that inhabits the place.

The park is a meeting point for neighbors and families, especially for children, who have playgrounds such as the Pati de l’Ós. Parc Dalmau It is also a cultural meeting place that hosts all kinds of popular events, such as the Aplec de la Sardana de CalellaIt is an ideal place to walk and enjoy nature in a fresh and shady environment. We suggest you to get lost in the various paths of the park, it is also ideal if you go with your dog, as it is allowed to enter the park with the dog. dog off leash .

You can also visit inside the park the Air raid shelter The air raid shelters, a cultural asset of local interest that shows the importance of the Spanish Civil War. Due to aerial bombardments during the conflict, thousands of air raid shelters were built throughout Catalonia, including three in Calella. The Dalmau Park shelter is now open to visitors and has explanatory panels and its own museography, as well as an audiovisual display in which the inhabitants of Calella de mar share their experiences during the civil war and the post-war period.

8- Museums in Calella de mar

Three of the most interesting cultural museums to visit in the city are the Tourism Museumlocated in the Casa Torras, takes us on a journey through time, from the origins of tourism in the city to the present day, unique in the world.

The Municipal Archives Museum de Calella J.M. Codina, located in the old Town Hall building, keeps the historical memory of the city and houses documents and photographs showing its evolution over time.

And finally the Exhibition Hall of the Old City Hallalso located in this historic building, presents temporary exhibitions of local and national artists, offering a unique cultural experience in the heart of Calella de la Costa.

9- Can Xena

And continuing with cultural visits and museums, in your visit to Calella de mar in the same calle iglesia that we have recommended in point number 3, we have another of the must-see sights of the city, Can Xena, the most typical bar and where we all meet local people in our day to day.

A temple museum dedicated to the F.C Barcelona The old wine cellar with wooden tables and a large bar on both sides where you can find a decoration dedicated to the culé club and where you can enjoy a special atmosphere, especially on match days.

We recommend the fork lunches morning, its affordable daily menu or the vermuth casero Sunday with its special combination .

A good stop along the way in the church street where everyone is welcome, no matter what team they belong to, and where you will have an exquisite treatment by the waiters.

10- La Quadra

And to finish our visit to our beloved Calella de Mar, what better way to end our visit than with a nice party ! and the Quadra is the oldest discotheque Since 1962 it has been welcoming all tourists and local people in its nights, where besides having some good dances, you can enjoy a wide variety of activities, such as a dance floor and a barbecue.Bread with tomato with a good ham !

From 8.30 p.m. to 5.30 a.m. you can enjoy its unique ambiance for all ages with a varied musical offer and a great team that will take care of you wonderfully.

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